I get a number of opportunities to speak to business-leaders & top-management-people and I can gauge their deep interest in customer-experience. Though they all understand its huge importance, yet surprisingly they all find it difficult to make it increasingly positive and better. One of the major reasons of poor customer-experience can be attributed to the fact that the level of clients' expectations has been already set high by most of corporates and banks & some of the high-investment companies where their needs get fulfilled with most of the services merely on a tap on phone or click of a button. It is not possible for many regular businesses to provide the same level of customer-experience consistently; of course, sometimes because of technical reasons or sometimes due to the specific business-types or models. But I strongly believe that every problem has a solution and the customer-experience of an ideal scale can be executed every time with the required zeal & passion for it.

How is technology helping in C-ex?

Considering the technological advancements in the recent times & upcoming start-ups' out-of-the-box vision, existing businesses face a real threat as the new entrants may surge ahead of them by meeting client-centric demands through technological means seamlessly and providing same goods or services at almost identical prices. SMBs & established businesses face this danger appreciably more than others and that's why the leaders of these organizations must keep customer-experience at the very top of their priorities. Companies like Amazon and Uber have provided an exceptional customer-experience & that's why their success has been far more significant than other competitors in the market.

But I believe even though you face good competition in your market or there is a price-war, you can still cultivate good profits for yourself by just rendering better customer-experience in your business. You will be amazed to know that how customers are ready to pay even more for having that experience. This does not only help in getting prospective clients on board and retaining the existing clients but also in spreading the good word about the company.

Following are some ways to add great customer-experience to your business:

  1. Maintain a TAT for every customer-centric activity & communicate well to clients & your employees!
  2. Add special channel of communication like SMS, Social Media, IVR or related technology as per your customer-base!
  3. Keep your clients informed at every stage of business, starting from customer-acquisition to after-sales; this must be end-to-end!
  4. Having clients' feedback during & after business is crucial, this is a must to have a great NPS-score.
  5. A clear, transparent and understandable business-communication can be a great heart-winner for customers.
  6. Keep the record of all discussions, transactions, problems & their solutions and the data you generate during various processes, all of this shall help you improvise ways to augment customer-experience for your clients.
  7. All touch-points must be optimized for the universal band-experience.

By providing a unified experience to clientele on the front-end, companies can increase and personalize the customer-experience to a level that will make them stand out against competitors, boost sales and increase the NPS.