Customer Experience & Service through Digitalization

Retaining existing customers is one of the important business-practices. It is a well-known fact that acquiring a new customer is always costlier than retaining an old one. Depending upon business-acquisition-cost, you can save a good amount by giving personalized services to your existing customers without spending a fortune on man-power. Modern digitalization tools bring in extremely effective cost-effective-solutions for customer-experience & services. However, these tools in themselves are not useful if you do not have

  • System
  • Procedures
  • Offers
  • Work-flows

Following are few scenarios which may help you understand how advanced you are in "Customer Experience & Service" segment from the perspective of digitalization:

  1. You send a Welcome Email/SMS/Call to new customer.
  2. You "Thank" your customer each time on sale by sending personalized Email/SMS/Call.
  3. You send B'day wishes/ Anniversary wishes through Email/SMS/Call & give them some discounts as a gift for the day.
  4. You communicate to them by sending appropriate "Sale" & "Discount" Email/SMS/Call.
  5. You let them know when you dispatch their products or the current status of their Service/Project/Shipping.
  6. You thank them for making payments or give the E-receiving of payments.
  7. You send them soft E-reminders for payments/inputs/requirements/renewals etc.
  8. You send them Feedback Email/SMS/Call on your services/products.
  9. You send Reward/Referral SMS/Mail/Call for up-selling to fetch more business.
  10. You educate your customers on Application/Use of products or services.

Give yourself one mark for every activity which you are doing as of now and calculate the percentage how digital you are in "Customer Experience & Service" segment!