Modern businesses, in one way or another, are partly using digital tools. Most of them are majorly focussed on the front-ends vis-à-vis digitalization. The thought behind it is that the front-end of a company is the division which is majorly related to customer-experience. That is why only 26% companies have utilized digital technology in operations. Using Big Data, Analytics and Automation in operations can save a big amount in long run and they also help in

  • quick launch of new products
  • digging out the important data for better efficiency
  • reduced costing of operations
  • faster information-transfer for quick decision-making.

For a quick check how digitally advanced you are in operations, check for following:

  1. How many IoT/RFID/QR-devices you have in your organization?
  2. What software do you use for operation-handling?
  3. Do you have insights or analytics of business-operations?
  4. Do you have supply-chain automation?
  5. Do you take an informed business-decision based on analytics?
  6. Do you use digital documents i.e. paperless office?
  7. Do you have tele-conferencing facility?

With evident benefits, an organization can save time and increase efficiency in tandem with trimmed costs by implementing digitalization in business-operations.