With the increased use of Smartphones & availability of high-speed internet, the trend of online-researching, buying products or sale has transformed and the speed in every activity has increased. At this stage, digital channel or marketing no longer represents a cheaper way of marketing but has come up as a critical medium for business-generation & market-capturing. Digital marketing channels are changing rapidly but companies are not able to cope up with the pace. Very soon customers will be able to search & buy products through a video, voice or image. Upcoming technologies are giving us the feeling of augmented reality. It will be a profound requirement to engage clients on these channels wherein most of them fortunately are digital in nature. It is imperative not because these channels facilitate a quick conversion of interested leads into business but the customers here are well-informed, thus dealing with them becomes an easier task.

Digital marketing is a 24/7 programme available globally which has the potential to educate customers & acquire business separately apart from your other regular channels. Over the period of time, as businesses & users become more techno-savvy, your pie of business through the digital marketing is bound to grow. Customer-acquisition may seem costly in the beginning but you can be rest assured that this is the right investment in your business. Because, whether you do or don't do business through digitalization, it is here to stay and boost businesses & is capable of becoming the main channel of marketing.

Digitalization of marketing requires strong know-how of process, system, iterative testing, learning & scaling and so, many companies simply drop the process in the way and subsequently fail to grasp the success of the future.

Below are some cases where you can identify your stage and progress in "Digitalization of Marketing & Sales"

  • You have a digital database of your existing customers & leads that include email & phone numbers.
  • You have a website where prospective buyers can get the sufficient knowledge of products & can order from there.
  • You have a robust presence on Social Media which is able to generate leads & business for you.
  • You run a regular digital campaign on social, web, SMS, IVR, mailers & other applicable digital channels with the help of a database.
  • You are properly utilizing the data-trail left by your earlier customers for business-prediction & analytics.
  • You know the feedbacks, comments & complaints on which you can change policies, products, pricing etc.
  • You extract a good percentage of business from digital marketing.

You can easily evaluate your current state of digitalization in Marketing & Sales on these parametres.