Regular Positions

Innovative creativity what we look into the aspiring candidate in the initial stage and rest is our job to shape you as per industry demand and future challenges. Recherche Digital is the place for you, if you are looking for work environment where your work is appreciated & rewarded, freedom to excel, make mistakes & learn through them, inspiration to boost your productivity with various trainings, senior advises and workshops. Explore exciting career in designing, marketing, Voice talent, writing SEO and many more positions.

Remote Positions

RDAB program (Remote & Assignments based positions)

Recherche Digital with years of experience has gained a renowned position in the market and known for quality IT projects delivery. We work with great team in house and many talented people work for us from their home/location. RDAB is most appropriate for talented professionals who have good experience and willing to contribute modern businesses through their services. You can choose the assignments or role from number of positions which are available with company.

What is RDAB ( Recherche Digital Assignment & Remote working Board )

  • Talented professional work from their location who cannot come down to office due to distance or family or personal problems.
  • Opportunity for these people to still offer their best work to industry and receive reward/pay-outs and enjoy financial freedom
  • RD will share the projects from different fields to these professionals. Professionals then complete the assignment in due time and receive their pay-out for the job
  • Professionals must have experience, capability of delivering best work in time bound period.

Following Process is adopted for selection

  • Initial discussion on the basis of Resume & past work
  • Assignment & assessment
  • Payments & pay-outs
  • Paper formalities ( Documents verification, NDA, SLA, TAT etc)
  • Office culture & hierarchy
  • Reporting procedure/ Assignment submission