Recherche Annual Report for 2018-19

A journey of year captured in 7 minutes

It is often said that "corporate annual reports often tell us more than their authors know or intend." An annual report is the most important single piece of information. When flicking through an annual report people expect to find the company's targets, its outcome, as well as the strategy of how to outperform going forward. Through a combination of compelling visuals and eloquent text, the annual report can tell a company's full story, from its products and growth prospects to the talents of its people and commitment to sustainability. "If I were to invest in company X (big or small), for example, then reading the annual report is my first priority. Keeping the facts in mind, I narrated and presented my own company report strategically" said Mr. Harish Saini, Director, Recherche Digital.

He further stated "The annual report remains a powerful tool to communicate a company's strengths and strategies to key stakeholders, even in today's world of instant information. Much more than just a snapshot of a company's performance for the past year, the annual report is an opportunity to highlight a company's key achievements, expectations for the coming year and overall goals and objectives, all in a format that is easily accessible by a wide range of audiences." Recherche Digital Annual Report - FY 2018-19 is all about the above key points in a most simplistic way, so that any one can understand it. Making it & presenting it in the most simplest way but in an interesting manner was a real challenge.