Recherche Invited in Annual Internship and Career Fair- Incrementum 3.0

Daulat Ram College, accredited with star status by the Government of India is a premier institute for women in the University of Delhi, Annual Internship and Career Fair- Incrementum 3.0 and invited Recherche Digital for giving opportunities to freshers to work in professional environment.

The event was jam packed as a result of massive participation of 1000-1200 students from various universities like Delhi University , Amity University , IP University and lots more. A three people team from Recherche Digital participated and interacted with students who showed the tremendous interest in various posts in Department like HR, Design and Business Development.

Prabhat, Head Marketing of Recherche Digital shared "Working with Interns is different experience, all together. These young & dynamic work force, has lot's of energy and if utilised properly, it will beneficial for both interns & company".

During the process more than 100 students were interviewed and 20+ students were found suitable for position available in the company. The process of onboarding will start from June 2020 and it is hopped that, at least 5 would join after the formal offer letter.