Webinar on the Subject, Speak & Influence the People

The purpose of every presentation is to convince your target audience for your idea, product or service. Recherche Digital organized the webinar on the subject " Speak & Influence the people" with presentation authority, Michelle Bowden. The host Saurabh Mishra conducted a live interview where Michelle openly shared her secrets of persuasive communication skills.

The webinar was live on Airmeet and went for 50 minutes. During the discussion, Michelle shared her journey, learning, and also shared a few lessons from her famous book. Michelle, a resident of Sydney, Australia, heads her firm and has 25 + years of experience in persuasive communication and conducts a training program for corporates.

" It is my first program in India and I am loving the energy here" said Michelle in her interview with Saurabh Mishra. For about 50 minutes, Michelle and Saurabh discussed many practical challenges in business and also selected a few questions from the Audience.

More than 153 people showed their interest in joining the live webinar and the event was promoted on the most social media platform. Michelle is the BEST SELLING AUTHOR How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work. The recording of the event can be seen from this link.