Recherche Digital : Winner of International award of Rising Star of India,       Recherche Digital : Winner of 30 fastest growing company in Asia by Silicon Review Magazine,        Recherche Digital : Winner of ABS award ,       Recherche Digital : Winner of Brand Achievers Award.

Recherche Digital is Trusted by Over 1000 Companies Globally

At Recherché We are passionately working towards improving the business communication through presentations & Videos, taking the companies to next level through our Automation & Digitalisation services. We have put customer at the centre of all we do and committed to enhance customer experience through our solutions.

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We have provided our presentation designing services to all big and small clients equally. Some of our esteemed clients are corporate and many of them are SMBs. We would love to have "you" in our growing list of clients.

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Webinar on the Subject, Speak & Influence the People
13th October 2020

Live Webinar

The purpose of every presentation is to convince your target audience for your idea, product or service.

Recherche Invited in Annual Internship and Career Fair- Incrementum 3.0
12th February 2020

Daulat Ram College

The event was jam packed as a result of massive participation of 1000-1200 students from various universities

Our Philosophy

A Business is not the business if it is not beneficial to all parties involved, starting with the client, to employees to the vendor. It has to be win, win & win. We are determined to take our client's business to next level through our services and advisory & by doing so we see our selves growing, naturally. For us, growth means holistic 360-degree growth where all stockholders i.e customers, vendors and employees are growing not only financially but otherwise also.

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