Case Study


It was a regular day at work when Antrix Corporation Limited, the commercial arm of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) made an important announcement. Antrix required a presentation which ISRO could present internationally for taking orders for commercial satellites which would be launched into space. We realised how important the opportunity was and how many efforts we would have to put in. It was a moment of endless joy for everyone at Bharat Infotech.


Abbott, highly trusted healthcare company turned to Bharat Infotech. Abbott required a presentation at the earliest possible. It had an international conference, where it had to present an imposing presentation. The overseas conference was very important for Abbott and just a couple of days away! The content was standard and definitely could not be presented in its original form.


Magnetic Engineering wanted to educate manufacturers & suppliers the process of entering the sector and where all places/stages company can help them in the process. By showing the interactive presentation, the company can quickly take the viewer through various sectors and showcase their strength. They can easily answer the queries with audiovisual media and educate the viewer more effectively in the least possible time.